Testperson 2 (m, 26)

Im Fragebogen gibt der Proband einen mittelfränkischen Akzent mit dem selbsteingeschätzten Wert von zwei für die Ausgeprägtheit an. Er verwendet diesen Akzent auch in der Arbeit oder Universität. In der Schulzeit hat er neun Jahre lang den Englischunterricht besucht (Jgs. 5-13), einen Auslandsaufenthalt gab es nicht. An der Universität wurden keine die Englischkenntnisse vertiefenden Veranstaltungen besucht. In der Schule wurden für fünf Jahre Französisch gelernt, an der Universität für zwei Semester Russisch. Die Versuchsperson liest laut eigenen Angaben seltener als einmal im Monat in englischsprachigen Büchern oder sieht sich englischsprachige Filme an.

Legende der Auffälligkeiten:

Unangebrachte Verwendung des deutschen Phoneminventars (z.B. /e/ statt /æ/)
Überkompensation (z.B. /w/ statt /v/, /θ/ statt /s/)
Wortverbindungsfehler (fehlende liaison und linking r/linking j sowie fehlplazierter glottaler Verschlußlaut)
Problem mit weak forms
Lexikalische Fehler
Rest (dustbin category)

play Cartoon 1: Unbedachte Hilfeleistung

Cartoon 1 The strip shows a scene in the garden where the father watches his son – er – pulling on a rope which is_obviously / in / coming from out the house (lacht) – er – Instead of asking him what he's doing he offers his help, pulls on the rope himself, and since he is much stronger than his son, he finally succeeds in pulling the rope out – er – with the_object it was tied to. It appears to be a piano. And – er – after the father realises that he regardlessly destroyed the thing, or damaged it, he tries to get his son and eventually kill him, for – er – for example.

play Cartoon 2: Unschädlich gemacht!

Cartoon 2 Father and son are watching a bird which steals peas which are set in a bed for seed. After driving the bird away the father rakes the bed again and sets the peas into it – er – once more (lacht, räuspert sich). Er meanwhile the son is catching the bird which screams out in agony and – er – on the last picture you see that the bird was blindfolded to guarantee / the / that the peas may be – er – all right.

play Cartoon 3: Der Simulant

Cartoon 3 The father's / the father's bringing a satchel to his son who's lying in the bed and is – er – assumed to go to school now. But – er – he pretends to be sick and – er – obviously doesn't want to go to school at all. The father, which knows that – er – that a hook is – er – in the ceiling already, brings on a rope and – er – ties the rope to the bed and starts to swing the son in his own bed because he thinks that he is ill. – erm – As the son in his bed is swinging softly the father obviously goes out and away and as he returns the son is swinging hardly in the bed literally dancing and – er – so – er – thus – erm – showing that his illness must be over again or wouldn't have took having place at all (lacht). Well.

play Cartoon 4: Der letzte Apfel

Cartoon 4 (räuspert sich) The father is shaking a tree with a last apple which hangs lonely / in / on a branch – erm – He shakes the tree in order to get the apple down and – er – but it won't. The son is trying to throw something to the apple that he would come off. Da hab' ich mir vorher eigentlich was überlegt. The father is trying to climb up the tree and ge... and and and grab it with his cane someway and – erm – then he throws even his own shoe to it but he misses and the shoe is hanging / suddenly hanging in the same tree and – er – won't come down either (lacht). Fortunately – er – it hangs so that it can be removed from there with the cane by the father and after father and son learned that someone can't have everything in life they are glad to have their shoe back and go away, when you can see in the last picture that the apple comes down at last / so / by hisself and this is very funny.

play Cartoon 5: Jagdglück wider Willen

Cartoon 5 Father and son are on a hunt when suddenly they get hunted themselves by a wild leopard. The animal manages to grab a piece of the suspenders of the father which tries to climb up a tree but – er – then the suspenders pull him back. He's flying through the air and eventually landing on the head of the animal, which takes consciousness from it. After that, the father is able to take the leopard by his tail and holding him up, showing him proudly as a hunting trophy.

Andreas Schuderer

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